Hi everyone out there  

redwolf459 59M
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4/20/2006 4:34 pm
Hi everyone out there

My day.....
I recovered from last night (just took some coffee), had a really good day. Just took care of personal stuff, did some grocery shopping & got my life in order for the upcoming week.
Now.... I have the grill lit, a nice bottle of wine chillin', and rice pilaf on the stove. I'm having Grilled BBQ chicken, sliced carrots sauteed in butter, bacon wrapped BBQ shrimp & of course the rice. Damn I love to cook (& I am a good one), Just hate to cook for myself and I despise eating alone!!! But, sometimes we need to be good to ourselves.
It's my eldest son's 26th B-day today, we had a good talk, Damn... don't know where the time has gone. I'm not that old....How can he be?
Anyway all, I hope your night is great! The grills almost ready; & good food, followed by candles, incense, music, and a bath are calling me. Only thing missing is someone to share it with. Everything in its own time! Everyone who reads (or doesn't), I wish peace and joy tonight!
I'm glad I stated Blogging'. Thanks all.

& Peace. Redwolf459.

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