Day 2 in NC  

redryder667 51M
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6/21/2006 2:08 pm
Day 2 in NC

well it is raining right now here and I still haven't found a date...there are about six people listed in AdultFriendFinder, for the area that i think that im compatible with, i have sent a few request for contact, but still havent recieved any returns...i won't get my hopes up but it would be nice to meet some locals in the area, the thing that i find hard here on AdultFriendFinder its diffucult to contact people outside your home area. I mean that, I travel the US extensively; and every place that i go too I try and get on the locals chat but sometimes they are very "cliqish" for lack of a better word and think that they are better then everyone else but that will change someday i guess...guess i'll go back to writting the erotic litarature that i sometimed write maybe ill post some here some time...we will see how it goes.......later

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