Fake people.... even in my area  

redrobin012057 61F
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7/25/2006 11:24 pm

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8/10/2006 5:52 pm

Fake people.... even in my area

On Sunday I received an email from a gentlemen(well what I thought was a gentleman) 2 emails were exchanged and I never held any hopes,just that I knew my guy instinct was telling me that he was dishonest with me.

Older or younger, it doesn't matter what kind of man you are,you can say that you are a sensitive - sensuous -intelligent -handsome,humorous - but that ain't gonna cut it with me.
For God sake!!Please be real.

End of Rant~

rm_biggest_tits 47F
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7/26/2006 1:22 am

Fake people suck. End of story.

redrobin012057 replies on 7/26/2006 3:27 pm:
Isn't that the truth!!!

MsLoveRose 34F  
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7/26/2006 6:24 am

you know i had a passing thought not too long ago...those idiots need to be there showing the true colors and assuring us that they are sooo NOT what we are looking for....BUT when we do find that needle in the hay stack...WOW the journey we took to get there. it makes it seem that much more incredible!!

happy wednesday!!!

live more, laugh often, love much

redrobin012057 replies on 7/26/2006 3:34 pm:
Ladysunrise,and we wonder why we are so skeptical :Shit almost forgot, this is a sex site,damn,what was I thinking(she says to herself humorously being sarcastic)

ella1966 51F
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7/28/2006 2:12 am

Oh Robin, some men think they have a divine right to be worshipped by every woman who is on this site....but their sorry arses don't realise that every bloke is competing with 9 others for the one woman (as you are probably aware, there is a 10:1 M:F ratio on this site)...they are just the stupid (white) men of this site hon...I think we all have our classics, and I just feel sorry for them in the end...Thank you hon for visiting my blog, from your fellow cyber-daughter, ella xxxx

redrobin012057 replies on 7/28/2006 4:13 pm:
Hi Ella.

But get this, he wrote to me at my other profile,when I checked him on on my silver profile he was online.I then called him wanting to know why he hadn't replied to me email.(This is 3 days later mind you,when he asked when we could meet, I told him email first,I think he was pushing to meet me first.)
Making the excuse that he was on another site at the time I called him(when I saw he was online here)So I sent him a not so nice email at his PA, and told him what I thought of him,that he was a fake and a phony and to have a nice life.Damn if my instincts didn't get kicked in sooner.

warmandsexy52 65M
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7/30/2006 7:45 am

I am sorry that some members of the XY club waste women's time. It gives us all a bad name.

warm xx

redrobin012057 replies on 7/30/2006 10:10 pm:
You know what I find strange about his intelligence?He can't use an email.ahahahahaha,or he ain't got his head screwed on right!

BadAssBlonde1 58F
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8/9/2006 2:40 pm

Wow! Sorry to hear that you had that experience. Folks like that just waste there and everyone elses' time, IMO. Best of luck to you!

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redrobin012057 replies on 8/10/2006 5:53 pm:
Thanks Bad Ass Blonde.

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