Why is it so complicated?  

redmustang91 58M  
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4/3/2006 1:40 pm

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4/4/2006 9:03 am

Why is it so complicated?

As Avril Lavigne sang, why is it so damn complicated? Relationships. Logically, we should be able to help each other, be friends and enjoy. But people seem to complicate their demands and requirements until it is impossible to just get to know someone and have some fun or more. What gives? It just seems so damn complicated!

papyrina 52F
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4/3/2006 2:15 pm

tell me about it

I'm a

i'm here to stay

Vevixen 52F
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4/3/2006 9:15 pm

sometimes, we like to complicate everything just because the simplicity of love is too scary...

redmustang91 58M  
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4/4/2006 8:37 am

The Cunnard cruise line came up with the ad slogan, "Getting there is half the fun!" which applies to sex too I suppose. But why make it so damn difficult it is not likely to happen?

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