Why I prefer dogs to people!  

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7/26/2005 3:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why I prefer dogs to people!

No dog ever randomly shot other animals for fun or because the dog was depressed.

No dog ever was a suicide bomber or terrorist.

No dog ever killed anyone due to the other dog's color, religion, ethnic origin or other trivial reasons.

No dog discriminated against another dog based on fur color, accent, size, country of origin, etc.

Dogs are nice to you if you feed them and play with them. Dogs don't care if you have on trendy clothes, no clothes, you are fat, thin, old or young. Dogs don't care if you have a zit, did not wash behind your ears or have dingy teeth.

No dog used nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons, tanks, machine guns, mines or bombs to kill people.

No dog committed murder, , robbery, mayhem, fraud, thievery, drunk driving, spousal or child abuse. No dog ever violated a trust by embezzlement or misrepresented the facts to sell.

No dog was a gang member, Nazi, KKK member, fascist, nationalist, religious bigot or genocidal maniac.

No dog ever shot a trespasser. No dog ever hoarded food while other dogs starved to death. No dog ever poisoned another dog. No dog ever ambushed another dog for money. No dog ever kidnapped a child for ransom and then killed the child. No dog ever locked up another dog in a filthy prison.

And people claim to be better than dumb animals! Makes you wonder about God's judgment, if we are in his image and the best he can do!

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