Universal donor!  

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7/18/2006 8:33 am

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Universal donor!

I have come to realize I am a true sex fiend. But that is a good thing. Many suffer from a lack of libido and there is no cure known for that. Even if a male takes Viagra, Levitra or Cialis, it won't work unless he gets aroused. Not my problem...

I am blood type O positive, called the universal donor as it works with all blood types.

I like to think of myself as the sexual universal donor, too. I am not hung up on age, amount of body fat, size of boobs, size of vagina, ethnic origin, etc. I think those aspects are irrelevant to human sexuality.

What I like is a woman in touch with her own sexuality. Who likes all the pleasures of her body and mine. Who after four hours of various sex acts is game to keep going and try some new ones...

The only down side to getting together with a true sex fiend like me is that we would never get out of bed; we would be found weeks later, two very relaxed pools of protoplasm...

Life has solved this problem as I am able to get together with a true sex fiend only sporadically...

rm_song2262 55F
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7/20/2006 11:48 am

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