Sorry 'Bout That!  

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9/29/2005 4:01 pm

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Sorry 'Bout That!

A humorous poem I wrote in honor of my son!

Sorry ‘Bout That!

Sorry is the word son,
I’m sorry for my love,
Sorry you don’t like me
For giving you a shove!

I waited patiently
For longer than one year,
At last I thought it time
For words you had to hear.

I’m sorry that I said
Its time to get a job!
So brutally unkind
Your sleep and fun to rob!

I did not think, forgive
Me! Please don’t hold a grudge
With the best intentions
I tried to give a nudge!

Anyway, no matter,
No reason to be sore,
A few more words from me
So easy to ignore!

There’s more, sadly to say,
More to apologize!
For time, love and money
Spent making better lives.

Sorry that I gave you
A car that was not new!
Shipping it cross-country
That was not nice to do!

Four years private college,
Tuition, books and food,
Cruelly I paid it all
I know that was not good!

Ashamed I am to say
I left you with no debt,
The horror and the guilt
It lives within me yet!

Oh yes that is not all
And this perhaps far worse,
I gave you vacations!
For this I earn your curse!

I know now I was wrong
For treating you that way,
Giving you the money
To fund your IRA!

So sorry for hours
And thousands of miles,
Driving you to lessons
Which rarely brought smiles!

Sorry that I shouted
Sometimes I just got mad!
I wish I could undo
Those times that you felt sad!

Your Dad tried very hard
To give you a good trip,
I tried to give you space
And that too was a slip!

I was not tough enough
And that was mean of me,
Depriving you of grounds
For better hating me!

I know you love your Mom,
You should, she gave you life!
I also did my part
For first she was my wife!

With luck my darling boy
You’ll long outlive my life!
And after I am gone
Enjoy her as your wife!

You can have my money,
And you can have my car,
You can have my wife too,
I’m going pretty far!

I humbly beseech
My son, all mighty Paul,
Forgive me! Forgive me!
Please son, please take it all!

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