Sex fiend, not sex addict!  

redmustang91 58M  
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7/14/2006 11:41 am

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Sex fiend, not sex addict!

There is a raging dispute in the psych community whether sex addiction is real. I think sex "addiction" is not the same as drug or alcohol addiction or even compulsive gambling.

There are some similarities, but I think sex does not lend itself to the habituation, withdrawal pains and increasing doses like other addictions.

I love sex and will happily pursue pleasure for hours, but I can do other things and forgo sex for a few days. No withdrawal pains or inability to enjoy other activites.

I enjoy pics of pretty women, whether naked or not. But I can enjoy them or not view pics for weeks if they are not available or I am busy.

I am not an addictive personality so I have never been addicted to anything.

Having a female sex addict lover might be a real challenge for me, but I think I would be willing to rise to the occasion to the best of my ability...

free2chose2 67F

7/14/2006 1:07 pm

Believe me there are "withdrawal pains"

Don't worry, be Happy

bipolybabe 56F

7/14/2006 1:42 pm

I've also called myself a sex fiend, rather than a sex addict when my friends have asked about it.

In my mind, addicts can't control the impulse or endanger themselves to satisfy the craving. I do have an addictive personality, and I definitely enjoy the chemical rush from sex as much as the purely sensual pleasures, but I still don't believe sex is addictive in the way other substances can be.

There's an interesting article in Marty Klein's website, sexed dot org, about "Why There's No Such Thing as Sexual Addiction -- And Why It Really Matters." His basic argument seems to be that self-identifying as a sex addict is disempowering and removes the need for managing one's feelings/fears about the dark side of sexual attraction.

And accepting discussion or labelling of behavior as sex addiction feeds power to those who want to view all sexuality as negative and control it. Also, Klein's article on what Oprah and Dr. Phil don't know about sex is worth reading.



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redmustang91 58M  
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7/16/2006 4:09 pm

Wanting it all or much of the time is different from having to have it or suffer withdrawal pains like drug addiction.

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