Sex Olympics  

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7/14/2006 9:29 am

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Sex Olympics

I have been thinking about starting the Sex Olympics as there is a shocking shortage of marketing human sexuality! I am thinking about various competitive events.

I don't want just biggest or longest of various sex organs. We need to keep the sport aspect and active events. The problem is much of the sexual experience is interior, hard to measure and compare for a competition.

While I generally don't want to encourage quick orgasms, one fun event for women who are very fast to orgasm would be like a 100 yard dash for orgasms. The orgasm can be measured by uterine and vulva convulsions.

For men, an event could be number of ejaculations in a three hour time period, with solo and partner assisted sub events.

A more subjective event would be most exciting sound and expression on orgasming. A panel of judges like those used judging ice skating could rate the happy endings.

Like floor exercise or ice skating, there could be a single and couple sex acts in a ten minute period. With points for difficulty of positions, most artistic, best sychronization and fluidity of movement. Nice costumes elegantly removed or left in tatters might add to the allure. I think this event would be a real crowd pleaser.

For the stripper crowd, pole dancing and related events like pingpong ball shooting would be good. Lapdancing would also be a demonstration sport!

Underwater/in the pool would take synchronized swimming to a whole new level! Muff diving would be good too...

Female endurance with a symbian machine for a few hours might also appeal to the marathoners...

Most male partners brought to an orgasm in an hour would test women in various styles, oral, vaginal and manual... There could be a lesbian or gay version as well.

Let me know what events you would add...

redmustang91 58M  
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7/16/2006 4:11 pm

Another event could be male ejaculation for distance. I understand Studio 54 in its heyday held such a competition with a vacation for the young male stud winner.

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