Part 2 Bob Dylan American Masters  

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9/28/2005 8:40 am

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Part 2 Bob Dylan American Masters

Watched part 2 of Scorses' biopic on Dylan last night. The old footage of Dylan was so great, just wished they had more time to do the full songs! Maybe on the DVD? Some observations:

Dylan was hounded by the fans and press with stupid requests. You can see why he resented the harassment. Elvis and the Beatles developed security and entourages to protect them from this madness. Early on Dylan had no such cocoon, and it shows. Unlike say Dolly Parton, Dylan did not love his fan's attention and instead demanded they respect him as an artist, which he deserved. His response to stupid and off the wall requests was to ask the lame brain why he wanted an autograph or have Dylan pose sucking his glasses in an artificial way! Press interviews as theater!

Joan Baez made clear she was a political activist and wanted to use Bob for her causes. Bob was not interested. He wrote the greatest protest songs and did not attend political rallys for thirty five years and they are still asking if Bob is coming! He gave them the songs they are still singing decades later! Joan stole Love is Just a Four Letter word from Dylan! She loved him and he used her for a while. Many took his songs and made hits from them: Byrds, Turtles, Sonny and Cher, Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Manfred Mann, and others!

Dylan was an artist, like Picasso. Stealing music and ideas, relentlessly creative and improvising. Protean and refusing all labels, boundaries or demands he do it some other way. If you liked it great, if not that was ok too!

In the early days he was called a traitor to folkies for going electric, so he played electric louder! The first half of the show was acoustic and the second half electric, with one third of the crowd booing! He did not understand why they booed, but played anyway!

Dylan is still making incredible music forty years later! Great music and wonderful lyrics! Who else can you say that about?

I realized Dylan's style of using stanzas that make sense independently but are followed by non-sequiturs, that make separate sense, is a style many have copied, including Sheryl Crow on many of her hits.

Tell me your Dylan thoughts, dreams and memories!

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