Kobe Bryant 81 points  

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1/23/2006 3:29 pm

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Kobe Bryant 81 points

Laker Kobe Bryant won the game for the Lakers last night making 81 points, the second best in NBA history after Wilt Cahmaberlin's 100! Sadly the Lakers needed him to do so to beat the Toronto Raptors. The other Lakers are not that good and Kobe is a super star. So the big idea: let Kobe win the game. He did everything but in bound the ball. Some one else had to do that! Lamar Odom made one three point shot in the second half, and the others seem to stand around and occasionally block or try to look interested. At the end of the first half the Lakers were losing by 13 points!

If the Lakers had one or two other decent players they would be world beaters... An unbalanced offense cannot win every night because even Kobe cannot keep up that pace.

Still an awesome and inspiring effort by the best current NBA player.

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