Humans are great at rationalizing!  

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12/15/2005 8:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Humans are great at rationalizing!

My court appearance reminded me what wonderful creatures humans are. The Judge was annoyed we were back in court. Defendants' counsel were annoyed they had to waste time. I just wanted to know when I would get paid. We had to go out in the hall and confer, after sitting through the entire morning calendar. They finally agreed to pay by Feb. 15, 2006! The Judge said the case had been mishandled from the beginning. We each agreed and each thought the other guys mishandled it!

I think I handled it perfectly, and they were foolish for delaying as it just increased their costs. But that worked well for the lawyers! The Judge berated me for not filing the case as a limited jurisdiction case, limited to $25,000. If I had tried the case I would have asked for $100,000. I would not have gotten that much but possibly more than $25,000. I never would have got a $20,000 settlement if the most the Defendants could lose was $25,000! Also there was a claim for legal fees that could have been another $20,000.

I was less greedy or kinder to these screwups than I had to be...

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