How to oversex a woman!  

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How to oversex a woman!

Pashuneatty wrote a detailed seven step program to bliss a woman, which seems like a lot of work for both! I do a five step version of this program without quite as much emphasis on oral as I find the other stuff more effective, but I quote it here as it deserves a wider audience!

Ladies, your views on such long and intense pleasuring and when may we begin? I do not have a problem with early popping!

7-Step Recipe to Completely Fulfill a Woman

Here is my favorite 7-Step Recipe for a long sex session designed for 2 goals:

1) to give the Lady a thoroughly satisfying intense experience, and

2) to keep the man charged for hours, so that when he finally pops, the pop will be Supreme in quality and quantity

[At the end are tips for not popping too soon]

The Recipe kicks in at the point where you and your lady have completed whatever your preferred foreplay preliminaries are. The more time spent on build-up the better for most ladies. And if you are aroused during a long foreplay, as well as stay charged during a long sex session, then you will will be paid back in spades later by the quality and quantity of your eventual pop.

In this version of the Recipe, the Recipe starts when she becomes worked up to the point where you would traditionally commence intercourse.

STEP 1 --------- Intercourse in several positions without you popping.

Let her give herself the first O while you do her doggy, or in her favorite position. But No Popping yet!

She's just getting started. Don't take TOO long with this first round of intercourse. Mix up the positions.

This phase lasts maybe 20 mins or so.

STEP 2 --------- Caresses leading to a long exploration and manual stimulation.

Then gently turn her on her back and caress her, and kiss her, and slowly move the caresses to the right spot downtown.

Then give the lady a lot of very sensitive manual stimulation, and explore her insides, delicately and lovingly, while also gently manipulating her vulva and clit.

Use lots of lube. Dont go fast. Dont burn out her clit.

Try different ways of massaging the vulva area, while also exploring her insides.

It'll take you 30 mins to an hour to fully explore her down there and give her a bunch of Huge Os.

You will stay hard and leak all over the place if she is enjoying it and giving you good feedback!

(You can also use toys during this phase)

(Over time, your loving attention to her insides will cause wonderful changes to occur, and she will develop new erogenous spots that rise up inside her vagina, somewhat like muscles develop from regular weight lifting. Then you will have new areas to play with

STEP 3 ----------- BreakTime - 15 minutes - Your Turn!

Then you take a short break. Smoke and chat or ask her to give you oral for awhile while you lay back. (no popping!)

If she throughly enjoyed the manual stimulation, she will begin to feel dreamy, and her eyes will develop that look of deep comfortable lust - lust for You.

She might want to get too voracious with you if she gives you oral, because she is SO excited, and she will SO much appreciate your hardon.

Don't let her make you pop! Take her hands away if necessary. Gently guide her head up and away from you if she gets too into it for you to hold out.

Don't Pop!

STEP 4 --------- A thorough oral treatment for her.

Then it's time to give Her oral. But don't run to the clit and clamp down.

There's a LOT of territory down there that needs oral attention. Gently, sensitively, and maybe a bit more aggressively as she builds.

Then for awhile you can combine oral and some finger attention.

But Dont Burn Out the Clit! And dont pop! And dont neglect Anything down there!

If she has been giving you good feedback and really gettng into it, you will be very very excited during this phase. Take advantage of your excitement and experiment with rimming her outside-only, while you also give manual attention. You will be pleased to find that it is very exciting for you to break this taboo. And she will love it too! (she should be hairless back there, by the way)

STEP 5 --------- Another short break and do whatever for about 15 minutes.

STEP 6 --------- Completely fufill her with another round of intercourse.

Then you have intercourse again. By this time, she is pretty satisfied, and not even sore despite the long attention.Another round of intercourse is icing on the cake to make certain she feels completely fulfilled.

By ending with more intercourse, she feels sexed up completely.

She might be too spent to have another O, but she WILL enjoy the intercourse tremendously because ALL her special places are so swollen and sensitive.

Try to pay attention to hitting the G-spot area in this last round, but not too hard or she'll get sore.

After a time, change positions. Sideays, doggie, on the floor. But dont pop.

This phase lasts as long as She want it to!

STEP 7 -------- She's spent, throughly fulfilled, and ready to have you complete the journey.

When she's had enough, she'll tell you she's ready for you to pop.

Ask her how she wants it.

If you are very lucky, she'll say "make me messy".

Make her messy. And then let her play with the mess.

And you've got a multiple hour encounter under your belt, and a fully satisfied lady!

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9/6/2005 11:47 am

I thought everyone did this...

bikerbabe57701 51F

9/6/2005 2:01 pm

Damn....want to come show me how this works?

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9/6/2005 3:16 pm

Bikerbabe you should print it out and get a local guy to do you! I am available for local ladies who want to try the oversexed drill!

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9/12/2005 12:50 pm

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