Cultivating eccentricity  

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7/21/2006 12:37 pm

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Cultivating eccentricity

A female neighbor is going through that difficult transition from productive member of society to retired non-person. She may go back to work part-time as the lack of an organized activity is bothering her. I suggested she watch the movie "About a Boy", one of Hugh Grant's finest efforts to date as a trust fund baby who feels his day with meaningless activity and trying to get laid!

The English also seem to have figured out that life can be enriched by devoting oneself to various odd practices and hobbies, which I call cultivating one's eccentricities. The more useless and strange the better. Something Ripley's or Guiness world record worthy.

Collecting aluminum foil or string is passe. Collecting sexual experiences might qualify, but only with an angle, like while wearing a French maid costume or with men named Adolf.

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