Bush to veto stem cell bill  

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Bush to veto stem cell bill

Pres Bush is set to make his first veto: The stem cell bill which could lead to cures for many serious illnesses from Alzheimers to organ failure. Why prohibit research on IVF fertilized cells which are going to be discarded anyway? Lets see, save lives of sick humans or discard cells which have the potential to become humans but are going to be destroyed? Is this a hard decision to make? Bush is a total idiot beholden to the radical Christian right? Repubs will make a few enemies with this decision I hope! Even Nancy Reagan and Bill Frist oppose Bush on this issue!

Summary: HR810, embryonic stem cell bill

The embryonic stem cell bill Congress is preparing to send President Bush would lift his executive order blocking federal funding for any stem cell research using embryonic stem cell lines developed after Aug. 6, 2001. To qualify for federal funding under the bill, newer embryos could be used in studies only if they:

Were created for the purposes of fertility treatment.

Were donated by in vitro fertilization clinics with written, informed consent of those being being treated.

Were "in excess of the clinical need of the individuals seeking such treatment" and would never be implanted in a woman.

Would otherwise be discarded, as determined by those seeking treatment.

Were not donated by patients induced to do so by financial or other incentives.

Source: "The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005," H.R. 810.

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