about me/ why im here  

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9/1/2006 10:52 pm
about me/ why im here

im lookin for a friend `1st. maybe more. my hubby of 9 yrs. suddenly told me hes been cheating on & off 4 a while.in 2003, when i was layed up sick - & with my "best" friend & it lasted about 2 or so weeks. then in 2005 in the summer he started in with my other "best" friend.5 wks. ago he tells me he cant hold the guilt anymore & tells me all this. both of my "friends" are esily 2x my size...i forgave him... i tell him as long as he stays with me we can get through anything... as long as he tells me he can have his "side screw", as long as he protects himself (& me)...Now i find out that not only is he NOT wearing condoms,& not telling me anything<hes been screwing around with a40 yr old from work..hes not working late, as he says @ 1st --"shes just a friend" (shes a sz 4) -so much smaller... & he says i could lose a little wait(- trust me ive been trying!) he comes to me 2 weeks ago & says hes "to streesed out & wants a break from sex"..
so im hurt but say ok last week (tues) he comes to me crying & says hes been trying to have sex w/ that chick from work..& he cant keep it up says im stressing him out to much... he tells me he ate her and got her off , but she was sucking on him & he could not stay hard... they want to try again later.... he wanted me to help him with ideas.... then aday later he stands me up & i find out hes w/ her.. & he leaves me 4 her... anyway some1 @ work told her hubby ..& her hubby came to work yellin & threating my sort-of hubby..
& my hubbies family calls up yelling @ me calling me white trash & shit..I dont know wat i did to them...now hubby says he wants us to date - both
each other & other people ...thats why im here...i dont know a thing about dating... i met hubby workin on my parents farm....i dont think im that fussy.. id like some1 not to big, with a big dick, funny,tallish, red hair would be nice but not a must..longish hair would be nice..i like
long hair.. some1 to get to know 1st then more later?? fine with me........chat me up!!!!

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