Discovering people you know here, and the hypocrites  

really_bored76 41M
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9/11/2006 6:15 pm
Discovering people you know here, and the hypocrites

After just reading some of the posts here, in blogs, polls, and just around it makes me wonder... if people weren't hypocrites, would more people just post their actual head-shot for their avatar? (Not to mention, clothed pictures, sexy pictures, and nude ones -- but only as "backups").

Because it's like this, some people come here and post a pic just enough to have one, but not an identifiable one.... now, while some people here might save the picture to use other places, a simple embossed watermark over the picture would keep that down to a minimum...

But I think that most people aren't worried about that so much as they are being identified by someone they know!

But really, anyone coming here is probably either looking for a sex partner, or visited an adult site and clicked the link, or searched for personals. Which means, they're just as "guilty" as the people here! And most would probably not think a thing of seeing their neighbor here, even naked.... but a few hypocrites... I think they're the ones that ruin it. For we all know it only takes one to completely ruin the fun by spreading "slut" like rumors throughout town about someone being here. And few would ever think to ask them "what were you doing on the site anyway?"

But then if all the hypocrites were to disappear, we'd still have to worry about all the "sex is dirty" or just "conservative" people. Funny thing about some conservative people, they happen to know the best sites for porn LOL.

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