And guys wonder.........  

realcurvywoman 37F
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6/6/2006 4:59 pm
And guys wonder.........

...why they can't get anywhere with women on here...good god. There are some damn idiots on this site that give decent guys a bad name. For example one guy (who blogs frequently and complains that the women here are too picky) emails me yesterday to tell me my choice of music sucks...WTF?? Who cares?!!! In fact here is stupidest email I've ever received on AdultFriendFinder(handle removed so it's not so obvious):

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Date: Jun 6, 2006 12:26 AM CDT
Subject: Music selection
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The music you listen to sucks. Nu-metal on the Crow is not good. Try some OPETH, Mastadon, High On Fire or Slayer. Fuck, even older REM, The Replacements, or Husker Du is better than that Godsmack crap. I am a musician with a classicly trained ear. I would much rather listen to extreme metal than some commericialized fag crap.

Why the hell would you waste your time to email someone and tell them this? Someone here really needs a life and this time it's not me!! I thought I did before I started reading his blog and now this email, but I realized compared to him I'm doing pretty damn good! For someone who is as desperate for sex as he makes himself out to be in his blog, things like this surely aren't helping his cause with the ladies. Women don't like desperate men, and yes, everyone should be picky about who they have sex with, why wouldn't you want to be?? I'm not looking for Tom Cruise, I actually don't find him attractive at all...I just want someone I'm attracted to and that is attracted to me as well...why is it bad to be picky? And if you want me to get started on people being picky I could surely keep going on and on about how most guys here are looking for their own real life barbie doll for sex, but that was a couple posts ago. He shouldn't be complaining about women looking for the perfect guy when alot of the guys here are also looking for the perfect girl (to fuck anyway) I think everyone should be picky about who they have sex with, to each their own, who cares? Let people have their preferences without judging or being rude about it. Damn, off my soapbox now...later kids!

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