it was almost serious, then turned into bitching  

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4/19/2006 4:45 pm

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4/20/2006 1:32 pm

it was almost serious, then turned into bitching

Is there any way to completely trust people one meets on the perv site? I mean, there is stuff that doesn't come up when meeting people on here and stuff that I would like to ask but think is maybe some people would find too personal.

I enjoy that this site is set up as a way for people to openly (sort of) explore what they want. I also enjoy looking at the pictures because I'm a perv. But there is also some underlying skeeziness on here that sometimes rubs me the wrong way. I paid for a membership so I could look at unlimited pictures and initiate email contact with people who winked or showed some other form of interest. I think there are some people on here who pay for memberships so they can pester the shit out of people. I still wink at guys before I email them anyway as a form of courtesy or something.

Any suggestions? Should I maybe overhaul my profile and be more specific about why I'm here?

popeye_bd 61M

4/20/2006 3:25 am

No matter how pervy this site is, I think common courtesy goes a long way. I like your style, I say set the standard and ignore thoses who don't respect your desires. Just because I am an exhibitionist at heart doesn't necessarily mean I am some sort of freak that needs locked up...unless that really turns someone on, then....I love the bustier by the way, very nice, do you have others??

In closing I say stay your course, let others conform or not..

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