First rant of the month  

real36CgirlPA 39F
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6/2/2006 9:02 pm

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6/5/2006 2:42 pm

First rant of the month

I hate big business and all the bullshit it entails. My 2nd favorite brand of beer, Rolling Rock, has recently been bought by Anheuser Busch. They are talking about moving brewing operations from Latrobe, PA, where the brewery & brand originated, to New Jersey. More jobs leaving Pennsylvania. Another cool small town getting fucked over by some stupid corporation that has to buy out a product and bastardize it. There is some bullshit being stated that the Latrobe plant isn't big enough. Leave it the fuck alone because it has cultural value to some of us and is the livelihood of many people in Latrobe. Build your plant in New Jersey a little smaller and still create some jobs for people there. Fuck Anheiser Busch. I also would like to announce that InBev, the company that sold out Rolling Rock, fucking sucks because they are obviously greedy bastards and don't give a shit about real working people, just like Anheuser Busch apparently doesn't if they want to close down the plant where Rolling Rock originated.

I am drinking Rolling Rock right now, by the way. I made sure to buy some as soon as I heard the news. I want to remember how it tastes in case they manage to close down the Latrobe plant and I have to quit drinking it.

lifeisablast333 55M

6/2/2006 10:11 pm

Cheers, and good luck.....the redneck

real36CgirlPA replies on 6/4/2006 1:22 am:
At least I'll still have my Yeungling, I suppose.

SleekIcilyVarix 42M

6/2/2006 10:20 pm

yikes...hope they don't screw up the beer. I love Rolling Rock.
Perhaps if An-B moves the operation to NJ, maybe they will sell the plant in PA to someone else who will put it to good use and create new jobs in the area to replace some that are lost.

real36CgirlPA replies on 6/4/2006 1:21 am:
I saw on the news a local politician is trying to block the plant from being moved out of Latrobe. It's kind of cool that somebody is at least making an effort to save all those people's jobs

flagg134 37M
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6/4/2006 12:15 am

I know the feeling with big business stupidity. The company who bought out the place I work for is saying that they no longer need people working in my position. They have offered me another position to replace it unfortunately that would require me either moving or commuting to delaware. Its all about the money in business people don't matter except in how much money you can bring in for the company. ~sigh~


real36CgirlPA replies on 6/4/2006 1:27 am:
I'm sorry you have to deal with such a pain in the ass. They keep restructuring shit where I work and they seem to always push out the competent people and leave the dumbasses. Then they wonder why the company is still losing accounts.

rm_princesspuma 42F
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6/4/2006 9:54 pm

Liquior is quicker!!!!!!! heheehehehehe

(and it's easier to sneak the bottles in places)

real36CgirlPA replies on 6/5/2006 2:45 pm:
and easier to puke, in my case anyway.

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