A moment of realization  

real36CgirlPA 39F
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6/11/2006 12:54 am

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6/12/2006 5:55 pm

A moment of realization

While out drinking coffee with Princesspuma, we were interrupted by people coming from one of those outdoor hippie-type gatherings they have this time of year in the State College area. She recognized one of the girls as someone who used to be intimate or whatnot with one of our friends...she used to pretend to be goth-ish and now she's got the supposed hippie look going on even though they were ranting making fun of people, which isn't very hippie-ish to me...

Anyway, I realized I could be a lot worse off than I am as I at least have one thing going for me: I know who I am. I just don't know what the fuck I am doing. But I have consistently been the same sort of idiot for years and have accepted the fact that I don't actually belong to any group of people. I learned the futility of trying to fit into any particular crowd at about age 16. I can't imagine putting so much effort into MAYBE being accepted by other people. Then, do those people accept a person for the person they are or the image they put forth? Fuck it, I figure. Hell, look at my blog. It sucks. But it's here for the people who want to read it all the same. I post what I need to let leak out of my brain regardless of whether or not I think anyone will read it.

ezroller46526 43M

6/11/2006 5:38 am

I never did understand why some people would want to be like everyone else. Just because all their friends are goth it does not mean they need to be goth also. If all your friends were in a gang, would you join a gang? (gang bang maybe) Just kidding.

By the way real girl, your blog does NOT suck. I like reading real postings by people that have something interesting to say.

real36CgirlPA replies on 6/11/2006 9:20 am:
I think the girl was one of those social floater types that does the chameleon thing. I can the whole social opportunity thing, but it seems like it would be too much work...lol.

PineyFolks 60M/60F

6/11/2006 5:42 am

You know this was rather thought provoking for me. I truly don't want to fit in with anyone's group because I worked hard to be so unordinary. That's who I love, and who I am. If people like me cool, if they don't it is their loss. *shrugs* But it is nice when they do. *winks*


real36CgirlPA replies on 6/11/2006 9:24 am:
You're so right. I definitely found it easier to accept myself the more I acted like myself and not what I thought other people liked.
I guess when people are young they don't know the difference between being accepted and being respected either though.

rm_wetfingeraz 55F
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6/11/2006 7:48 am

Being one myself, I have a tendency to collect other "misfits". In highschool, my best friends were the brainiac, the other fat girl who also liked Sinatra, and the tall, ugly carrot top. And we remained best friends long after highschool and I watched each of them grow into beautiful, phenomenal women. I'm not sure what they watched me grow into. Screw the IN crowd. We are the IN crowd, now.

real36CgirlPA replies on 6/11/2006 9:30 am:
I did the same as you but I was collected into a group of people that included a garage band and people who played D&D. I'm still friends with most of them though it seems like it's harder to keep in touch the older we get.

TabithaElectra79 39F

6/11/2006 10:56 am

I never have fitted in, and was bullied all the way through school, I like my differences now, it's good to be outside the norm!

Your blog does not suck either!

real36CgirlPA replies on 6/11/2006 4:38 pm:
I got made fun of a lot when I was younger. I think that's why I don't give a shit most of the time now.

expatbrit49 64M

6/11/2006 12:37 pm

You dont have to fit in... I never have, I just do my own thing if people drift in and out well thats ok too but I dont conform to what other want just be part of a group.

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

real36CgirlPA replies on 6/11/2006 4:44 pm:
It's true. A lot of groups aren't worth being part of if they can't accept people the way they are. I learned that one the hard way when I was younger...

digdug41 50M

6/11/2006 8:37 pm

Hey I happen to dig your blog and I am flattered that you come by mine keep writing what ever leaks out I enjoy it

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

real36CgirlPA replies on 6/12/2006 4:37 pm:
Thanks. I always have to stop in and see what you're writing about.

digdug41 50M

6/11/2006 8:39 pm

oh and I also learned recently but didnt follow this advice because I had to learn myself the hard way that it's better to carve your own path than to follow someone else's

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

real36CgirlPA replies on 6/12/2006 4:33 pm:
I think that'a a lesson we all repeat, whether we want to admit it or not.

flagg134 37M
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6/11/2006 8:50 pm

Never fit in much myself either still don't feel I do here. I talk to the people I like and really don't make an attempt to be around anyone else. Acting to get others attention and approval is tiring besides, that lessens it anyway as they are enjoying the person you are acting to be.


real36CgirlPA replies on 6/12/2006 4:24 pm:
On here I haven't had any problems yet. I suppose there is peer pressure going on somewhere on here though. The magazine? heheh

rm_princesspuma 42F
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6/11/2006 9:55 pm

I'm just glad the bitch didn't smoke any clove cigarettes while we were there... She did the night I was at the bar and you were passed out on your living room floor...... I'm just wondering if I got any cooties from the fake dreddies they had.....

real36CgirlPA replies on 6/12/2006 4:30 pm:
LMFAO...nah, you could practically smell expensive colognes and hair products. When J from work's daughter kept coming home with cooties from daycare a professional told her that cooties don't like a lot of hair products. I don't know if it's because of the alcohol/other chemicals or what. Clove ciggies apparently don't belong to the stereotype she was trying to be the other night.

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