5 bazillionth blah Monday and running...  

real36CgirlPA 39F
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8/14/2006 4:03 pm

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8/16/2006 4:58 pm

5 bazillionth blah Monday and running...

Well, my friend I mentioned in a previous post ditched her new boyfriend.

I managed to stay awake all day at work on only one coffee from Dunkin Donuts and some green teas. They have a new vending machine at work that is actually pretty entertaining. It's kind of reminiscent of a a crane/grabbing machine or something. Hey, my job is boring...

I stopped at the post office on the way home to get my mail and nearly crapped my pants when I saw my phone bill. Being a dumbass, I got rid of my overpriced long distance package months ago. My bill this month makes up for it after playing phone tag with my real estate agent and mortgage lady. I finally called to cancel my Dish for when I move and they talked me into keeping it with a $10 discount per month for 10 months. It's basically the same deal I was going to take to cancel it and sign back on in a few months anyway. I can't live without my precious cartoons for very long.

I notice I don't get the option to pick the mood "boring" on the drop-box.

rm_VoodooGuru1 50M
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8/14/2006 4:16 pm

There's a restaurant in Maine with a crane game. Costs US$2.00 to play, but the prize is a lobster if you win. See, the crane is suspended over this big tank of lobster. (Does one differentiate the plural lobster with lobsters?) You put your $2.00 in and go after the one you want. If you can get it on the first try, hey... lobster dinner for the price of a Filet-O-Fish.

real36CgirlPA replies on 8/14/2006 4:50 pm:
So how many tries would it take for me to win a family of pet lobsters? I could always fatten them up and eat them later like Homer Simpson did.

JazzDlight 61F

8/14/2006 4:18 pm

So how much was the phone bill? I canceled my long distance carrier years ago...they were charging me whether I used it or not..fuck that shit...now I just have a local calling plan Allentown has a covers a wide area that is considered local calling and if I need to call long distance I use phone cards...you can get them at a good price at Walmart and Target sells an AT&T 600 min card (that is 10 hrs of talk time) for $30 but I wait till they go on sale and get it for $18 not a bad deal. Hugs, Jazz

real36CgirlPA replies on 8/14/2006 4:55 pm:
Yeah, that was the deal with my old package too...it would have only been worth it for last month..lol. I actually just found a phone card with 300 minutes on it last week so there is no way next month will be as scary. My bill is usually around 30-35. My local long-distance was more than that by itself. Once I move to Williamsport just about everybody is local anyway besides my mom and grammy. It's those in-area long-distance calls that screw me. I can call my sister in MD cheaper than my dad in Williamsport right now. Good ol' Verizon...

rm_princesspuma 42F
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8/14/2006 5:35 pm

oooohhhhhh crane games !!!!!!! let me through...... I'm a professional..... LOBSTER FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!

real36CgirlPA replies on 8/14/2006 5:49 pm:
You could enough lobsters either to start a lobster farm or have a big cookout.

real36CgirlPA replies on 8/14/2006 5:51 pm:
I bet they would kick you out after awhile.

flagg134 37M
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8/15/2006 4:47 pm

Hmm getting ready for the big move cancel all that crap so you can resubscribe in a new location and barter for better deals just for returning their business.

Oh good to hear your friend got rid of that crazy guy.


real36CgirlPA replies on 8/16/2006 4:46 pm:
Threatening to cancel and not even having to do it is just as good. It's a shame I'm stuck with a lot of the same utlilities no matter where I go in my area. PP&L is such a rip.

Yes, there was something very disturbing about the direction that relationship was going in...

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