Learning how to fuck...  

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6/22/2006 11:21 am

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Learning how to fuck...

I had brought Uncle Dana and me to a new level that night he fucked me for the first time but I wasn’t finished just yet. The next morning when my Aunt Sue had left to go chase her garage sales Uncle Dana made breakfast and while we ate we watched wrestling (he was a huge fan). But there was no way I could help but think about the night before and being a 15 year old guy with the sex drive of 3 my cock was rock hard thinking about it. When Uncle Dana noticed it he came over and rubbed my thigh and asked me as he did before we started, “You got a hard one hmm Bell”? I said, “Aha” as always and we started again. Uncle Dana stood me up and pulled off my PJs (pajamas) and put me in front of him as he sat on the edge of the couch. He rubbed his hands up and down my body then put one hand on my ass and the other on my cock as he started to stroke me. After a few minutes I knelt down in front of him pulled his hard cock out of his PJs and started to give him head. I always thought it was so hot that he was already wet when I put his cock in my mouth. Then Uncle Dana asked me, “You want I should put it in hmm Bell”? I stood up and pulled him to the floor on top of me not saying anything. I lie on my back and spread my legs for him, he said, “You want I should put it like this hmm Bell”? I said, “Aha”. Uncle Dana laid on top of me missionary, I reached down and put is wet cock in the right spot and he began sliding himself inside me. It was much easier the being on all fours and I liked the feeling of his weight on my body. Once his cock was inside my ass I lifted my legs even higher to take him even deeper and again I could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing (God that feeling was so sexy). Uncle Dana started sucking on my neck, something that had never entered my mind and I remember thinking I hope he doesn’t try to kiss me because that would be so gross but I did like the feeling of his tongue on my skin. He didn’t start fucking me for what seemed like forever but I loved the feeling of just laying there with him inside me. 10 or 15 minutes must have passed before he did start and when he did just like last night about 4 pushes and he started to cum again except this time he was pumping harder and faster and he moaned a little. With all this going on and his body rubbing up against my cock I started to cum with him. It felt like streams of cum were pumping into me as he fucked me and it lasted longer the night before, several minutes at least. One thing about it is that he came longer then he could fuck me, hahaha. Another thing that I noticed and really liked was the squishing sound that his cock sliding in and out of me made as he came that time. After he’d finished he didn’t get off and just continued to kiss and lick my neck while his soft cock calmed down but he didn’t take it out until it was pushed out by my wet cum filled ass. It was perfect.

Several weeks passed before I was able to get back out to their apartment and it just so happened my Aunt Sue was gone for the weekend on one of her religious crusades. She had already left by the time I got dropped off and Uncle Dana was so ready to fuck me and I was so ready to let him. We started off the same way we do every single time. After he took off my clothes (which I really enjoyed letting him do, don’t know why), we went to his bedroom. Now this was new and I hadn’t really thought about Uncle Dana fucking me on the bed. He laid me on the bed and lay beside me fondling me while I was thinking about how I wanted him to fuck me. I scooted down on the bed and started to suck his cock and then it dawned on me what I wanted. I got on my knees and straddled his lap. I have to say that it was harder to get his cock inside me but once I did it felt really tight. I sat down as far as I could to let him settle into me. Uncle Dana had his hands on my nipples playing with them after he licked his fingers and they could have popped a balloon they were so hard. I asked him, “Are you ready”? He said, “Is good hmm Bell”. I started to make small motions up and down with my body and said, “Don’t cum yet OK Uncle Dana”? He replied, “Is OK hmm Bell”. As I started to move up and down sliding his cock in and out of me farther and farther I could feel him getting harder and I said, “You want me to stop”? He said, “Just wait minute K hmm Bell”? I sat back down on his lap and waited for him to calm down knowing that he wasn’t going to be able to keep from cumming much longer so I just started trusting my ass up and down to go ahead and let him cum. Uncle Dana’s cock was so hard it felt like a piece of steel. I put his hand on my cock and he stared to jack me off so we could cum together again. Then he started to make a hissing sound, “Sssssss, I’m caming Bell, Sssss”! I fucked him faster and faster and his cock somehow felt harder then ever, I started to cum and Uncle Dana started to cum but I wasn’t able to feel the little pulses of cum shooting inside me but rather just a massive dump of hot cum pouring down the inside of my thighs. OH MY GOD it was incredible!!! When his cock got soft and popped out I think at least a whole cup of cum squirted out of me onto his balls. As I sat there on top of Uncle Dana and he continued to play with my cum covered cock smearing cum all over my little patch of hair. Then we both took turns getting washed up.

We went back out to finish watching wrestling. Uncle Dana tucked his cock back into his PJs and as I was gathering mine to get dresses he said, “You don’t put it back on OK hmm Bell”? Meaning he didn’t want me to get dressed. I said, “OK”. Uncle Dana sat in his recliner and pulled me onto his lap. He put is arm around me and turned me with my feet towards the front and set the recliner back. Uncle Dana watched his wrestling and played with me while I was still oozing post cum a little and I just sat there and enjoyed it. Did I mention the way he worshiped my body gave me the sexiest feeling?

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