What a way to spend a day!  

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8/20/2006 5:58 pm

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8/23/2006 5:30 pm

What a way to spend a day!

I highly recommend that if you have never rented a hotel room and met someone for an intimate encounter that you try it. At least once, and I can almost guarantee that if you do it with the right person, you will want to do it again.

I just got home from one such experience and all I can think of is when do I get to be with these men again.

We have been talking to C for awhile now and we knew from the first night that he was someone that we wanted to have some fun with. His sense of humor and honesty was something we had not experienced yet on AdultFriendFinder. This weekend could not come soon enough for S and I. We thought about it all through our vacation and this week could not have gone by slower!

The only consolation we had was that we finally got to speak on the phone. Speaking with C, was honestly like speaking to someone we had known for our entire life. The conversations flowed, making the realization that our meeting would probably flow with the same ease.

As we were driving to the hotel for the afternoon, we chatted with C and he told us that he had some last minute work to do, well.....my heart fell!!! But he promised he'd be there, so we waited for the call...... He called not long after and made our day, he was on his way just a bit late.

When we finally met for the first time in the parking lot of a hotel, I thought for sure there would be awkward moments, but it was like we were meeting after having spent just a few days apart....very comforting.

After a funny, comedy filled lunch, we returned to the room.......sorry.....remembering....YUM!!!

The initial shyness that was felt by and C and I, and not by S as he is a bit more forward than we are, was easily managed with lots of humor and a really bad TV movie! (The damn thing kept our attention despite how bad it was. It was so ridiculous).

S, of course took the lead, and C was the consummate wing man, and before I knew it I was naked, with four hands touching me. Two sets of hands very distinctive from the other, it was intriguing to be able to know who was touching me, just by the feel and style of the way that they touched me. It was the most amazing feeling. I had been in this situation before, but this one was different. I was totally comfortable, and all my shyness was gone, I was completely relaxed. These two men with their hands on me made me feel sexier than I ever had in my life.

C was immediately drawn to my nipples, which were happy to oblige, while S, slowly played with my already quite wet pussy, both of my hands reaching out for cocks to stroke and tease. S, quickly repositioned himself to lick my dripping pussy. Having him running his tongue all over my pussy, while C sucked on my nipples was orgasmic, and produced the first of my orgasms. The familiar feeling of S on my pussy, and the unfamiliar feeling of C on nipples was amazing.

When S finally came up for air, he shared my pussy with C. The sexy, sensual, unfamiliar feel of C on my clit was enhanced by S's familiar cock slowly pushing in and out of my mouth. C's new style of pleasing me was enough to bring me right to the big O! That tongue doing things I was not used to was incredible.
But S still wanted some more, and continued where C left off. C continued to play with already firm nipples, holding my hand as I came hard on S's face. I have never felt more safe in a sexual situation.

After a small intermission, mainly so I could catch some breathe, which really wasn't an intermission, because 4 hands were continually touching, pulling and caressing my whole body,I decided that I needed to do some pleasing. I immediately, go up on my haunches, climbed over S and took him into my mouth and began to suck him, while C watched. I was enthralled with the idea of C watching me please S. The position we were in lent itself to a good tit fucking position. I was able to suck S and fuck his cock with my tits while C watched.....what great multi-tasking!!

To my delight, C took a leap of faith and came behind me and began caressing my ass, and preparing for what I had been waiting all afternoon for. C entered my pussy from behind, slowly and respectfully entering me from behind. The rhythm of C fucking me from behind, provided a great tit fucking for S, who almost immediately came for the first time of the afternoon. However, he was by no means done, he immediately swung around to place his face under my dripping pussy and began licking my clit while C continued to fill me from behind. C, reached up and grabbed some of my hair, and pulled me back onto him, sensing my arousal, he grabbed just that bit harder. DAMN IT WAS HOT!! It was so sexy to feel C cum all over my ass..as S continued to lick and suck my throbbing pussy....what more could a girl ask for.

I didn't have to ask it just kept coming...it was so amazing, S, immediately jumped up and took over where C left off, my cunt filled with another cock, fucking me just a bit harder, with that familiarity of just how hard you can fuck me. He came nice and hard inside me. I flopped on the bed for a rest, but that was not in the stars, and I didn't mind in the least. C proceeded to fuck me in a position that I never been in before, and my oh my was it sexy.

Well, I could go on an on about this...but I am getting too wet to keep writing, suffice it to say it was more and more of the same for 4 hours. 4 amazing, sexy, sensual, hysterical hours.

I am dying to be with these two again.....I would do it tomorrow if time allowed.

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8/20/2006 8:32 pm

For the record, the really bad movie was "Happy Face Murders"

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