The End  

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9/5/2006 5:59 pm

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The End

Today I did something I don't know if I should have done, but it sure made me feel better.

When I first started on this site, I met a great person, and she and S and I really hit it off. We talked and explicitly cammed with her nearly every night. She got to know about us and our family and vice versa. We were totally open and honest with her and believed we were getting the same in hindsight I am not so sure.

She had some issues at home that were very pressing which both S and I understood and were supportive of. And then one day she just disappeared. She just stopped emailing, and IMing.

I sent her many messages checking in on her and asking her to just let me know if she was ok so that I could put my mind to ease on many levels.....she never responded. I sent her one final plea asking for just quickly let me know that she was Ok and why she had disappeared......a very nice concerned email. Still no response.

Now I know she has been on AdultFriendFinder because she has been reading my blog and her profile has been updated. So I sent her one final email letting her know...quite bluntly that I thought it sucked that she just decided for no apparent reason to disappear. I would have no problem with her deciding to "end it" but to just cease completely without a goodbye I found rude.

I am not sure I should have sent that email....but i do know that I felt better once it was done. At least there was some conclusion for me. I am concrete...I need a beginning, middle and end...and now I have that!!

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