Stand in Curiosity......  

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9/7/2006 6:55 am
Stand in Curiosity......

Every opportunity in my life has changed me in some way. My current job has opened my mind to many things, but one of the most poigniant things it has taught me is to "Stand in curiosity of others, not in judgement."

When I first heard this, it hit me like all other inspirational quotes, superficially. Over time as I thought about it more, it began to sink in and its impact has been great. I am sharing this here in Blogland, because I really truly feel that people on this site are quick to jump on others and speculate about their intentions. Additionally, they are often used to better thier own standings on the site. Neither one of these makes sense to me, so I am sharing what I have found with you all.

Too often in my life, but also in the world in general, this site included, people are quick to judge people. Quick to speak their minds before having all the facts and learning about a situation. This mindset of standing in curiousity, challenges me and everyone who practices it to not let our initial reactions be our responses. It challenges us to take the time to:

a) realize that we are having an immediate reaction

b) that responses built out of simple gut reactions are often NOT the responses we would choose if we had processed the situation better

and finally

c)spend the time to reflect on any situation, and make sure that our responses are genuine and that they are founded in a genuine sense of what is right and what is respectful, and grounded in factual information.

When we all take the time to do this, our interactions with others are greatly enhanced, we less often offend others with our tempers, and finally, the mutual respect that it generates feels great.

I guess I hope that this will slowly creep into someone elses brain as it has mine, and create a sense of respect that is so often lacking in this fast paced, dog eat dog world.

With hope in my heart,

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