It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood!  

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8/21/2006 5:43 am

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It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood!

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood

Ok, I had an incredible and amazing experience yesterday. B and I were able to finally hook up with a guy that we have been talking to for a while now, and it was everything that we were hoping, or actually expecting , it to be. One of the biggest fears we had when we started on our AdultFriendFinder journey, was ending up meeting people who were all about themselves, and who did not respect the relationship that B and I had, or that were only out to get laid. From the beginning, we knew that C was not about that, and that he was truly about coming into our relationship and enhancing what we already had. He was about respectfulness, and honoring us and our relationship, and adding to what we had, and not looking out only for himself.

Yesterday was an amazing day, from start to finish. C was not just about meeting up with us fucking and leaving. The day was (and this is what HE had put out as what he was looking for) a very laid back, relaxing day, where the three of us enjoyed each other, not just sexually, but all round. He respect for us, his understanding of what all of this is about (relationships, friendships, and then sexual satisfaction), and his overall personality and approach to this made the day out to be exactly what B and I were looking for.

And let me tell you, all of what I have stated above, made him even more attractive and sexy to both of us. And the sex (once we decided to turn off the really, really bad movie that we had all started to watch), was amazing. It was incredible to watch B’s face as she was pleasured by two sets of hands, two willing mouths, and two good had cocks was awesome. The constant licking, sucking and fucking was hot as hell, and made hotter and more sexy by watching B’s face as got totally lost in the pleasure of the moment (whatever that happened to be at any given moment). Watching her face as C fucked her from behind as she was tit fucking my cock was incredibly hot. And the day for me was made when on the way home, B stated that she felt bad because she felt like she did not do enough for the two of us. Well, dear, part of this journey we are on is about you getting totally satisfied, and I do believe that when you put your head on your pillow last night, that is how you felt.

I want to thank all our friends on AdultFriendFinder who have helped us or become a part of this journey that we are on. You are all amazing, and you all continue to help B and I find the things we are looking for, and remain open to sharing our journey with us (which is on of the things we were looking for when we started). C, you are a great guy, grounded in what both how you are and what you want, and you added a new dimension to out lives, and we certainly hope it continues.
As I have said before, AdultFriendFinder has allowed B and I to become closer and more intimate than we have ever been. It has allowed us to go places we never thought we could, or believed would be positive if we did. And people who say that adding people into your bedroom can only end in bad things are wrong. If it is done correctly, with the right people, it brings a totally new experience, which if dealt with in the correct manner is an amazing and thrilling experience for all involved. WE look forward to our continued journey, and can’t wait until we can share ourselves with C again, and hope that it is soon.

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