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1/28/2006 11:03 pm

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Yes it has happened to me. I never thought it can happen at all till i experienced it. It was New Years Eve and my girl was over my place to celebrate she's 28 and I 46 yrs old but I don't look it and have a hot body as my girl says So as you would expect with a younger one she loves sex ANY position ANY time and NON STOP so this one night we were going for round two and just before I was going to blow like about two strokes left I slipped out and hit her pelvic bone Owch you females say and i agree. but her pain was over soon what i noticed was after a crack sound my dick went instant limp and blood was squirting out I shit myself knowing something serious is wrong here so I went to the shower and let the blood flow ...But it stopped and my cock was filling up with blood and my balls it got so fat blood was coming through my pours of my skin it was so swollen that it wouldn't fit into the bottle they give you at the hospital, yes full on. I broke my water flow tube and blood vessel they had to cut all round my knob then peel my skin down to put a cafeter in my old fellow through the tube to do the repairs OH guys u don't want to go there. Apparently hospital gets around four to six same accidents per year . I did have a banana bend to it now its straight but bends right the scary thing is many can become impudent from it with other complications but I'm thinking positive and had my first love making with my girl the other day was suppose to wait 6wks but with her body with the tits she has i just had to try even when the stitches were still in sensation is allot different but hopefully it will get better my young little squirter is coming over tonight as its my birthday today and as they say if you don't use it you loose it ! Well I'm determine not to loose it so wish me luck !

timberwolf6972 45M

1/29/2006 12:16 am

I believe you ready, i had a similar experience but my didnt break, i think it blew a vein, it was swollen pretty bad for days and very tender but it got better after several days, it works just fine now without any permanant damage. i think it was caused by missing a stroke to.

rm_KeisukeFD 36M
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1/29/2006 2:24 am

GOOD F'ING LUCK. I was writhing in pain as you described your story.

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