Ditched and rolled (several times)  

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3/7/2006 2:36 pm

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Ditched and rolled (several times)

Alright where should I start. First my fiancee ditches me for someone else and tells me that I just bought her so of course I get a little pissed off and upset and since I'm not thinking straight I decided to smash her windshield in with a baseball bat about a day after chasing them down at a casino and breaking their stereo and keying the car. The guys dad calls the police and gets a restraining order out against me. I was searched twice by the cops looking for weapons because apparently she called the police on me and said that I was making death threats (which I didn't do). I actually did have a legally owned and registered .45 Ruger in the car with me so when I heard she called the police on me I dumped it in a ditch so I wouldn't get arrested. When I went back to pick it up it was gone so I lost a $400 gun.

About a day later I decide to just get away from everything and try to have some fun and forget about everything for a while so I go up to Reno. The first day there I couldn't even get a motel because they were all booked up (I think it was because of presidents day?) so I ended up sleeping in the car. The next day I actually manage to get a motel room and I go to a strip club called the wild orchid and started a game of quarters with a couple of the strippers and another guy that was sitting in there. About an hour or two later I'm throwing up in the back room and they dump me out in the street in the freezing snow. Some how I managed to make it back to my car with some guys help and I black out for a couple of hours. When I wake up I find that I don't have any money left in my wallet. I had nearly $4,000 on me at the time. No idea who stole it. Either one of the strippers or the guy on the street that helped me back to my car. But I was still pretty much out of it at the time and I still couldn't drive so I called a friend of mine that lives up there to come pick me up (I actually didn't know him very well). But he came with a friend of his to pick me up and took me back to the motel room. The next day when I finally woke up I called another friend to come get me since I didn't have gas money to get back home.

When I finally get back home I loss my apartment because I just didn't have the money to afford another months rent plus all my credit cards are maxed out. I have over $20,000 in credit card dept (half of which was from a failed business attempt with my dad) and now I have no choice but to file for bankruptcy.

Now I've lost everything but my cats. I have 3 cats. I love cats. I'm living with my parents again and I have no money. I went up to San Francisco with a girl I just meet on craigslist.com (talk about desperate) and she ended up ditching me there so I had to take a bus back home to Modesto. The bus didn't leave until 2:40PM so I was stranded there since 9 : 00PM the previous night. To make matters worse I was robbed at gunpoint earlier that morning. This black guy (I'm sorry I meant to say African American) nearly runs my ass over as I'm walking down the street to get a bite to eat, pulls right in front of me, and pulls a gun. For a brief moment I was actually hoping he would just pull the trigger but I ended up giving him my money and asking him for directions afterwards. At least I only had about $150 on me this time (which was all I had left). If it had been more I probably would have just took off running and hoped that he didn't get a shot off. So anyway to pay the bus fare I had to beg on the street for more then an hour like a bum.

Way to much shit for one month for me. I plan on going back to school this March and trying to find another job to start getting back on track. Don't think for a second that I'm feeling sorry for myself cause I'm not. Okay so maybe I am a little depressed but can you blame me? All I wanted was a wife, kids, and a normal life. I guess that's to much to ask for. Anyway now all I want to do is have a little bit of fun now and then while I'm working on that B.S. in Computer Science. Just signed up for a Gold membership on this site so hopefully I'll have a little luck for a change.

dreadsandbigdick 45M

3/7/2006 3:47 pm

Thats some heavy crap,man......
Hope this month is better.

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