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9/30/2005 10:42 pm

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As I was writing today, story I am working on, it hit me! Even though I may not have gone through alot of schooling, I am far more wise now then ever. Yes I would have learned more from society through books, however I have learned from the years spent reading people, and relying on my intuition. I have learned to lean on myself and family rather than friends. I am closer to my family and I like it. I am still learning, we all are. I know of many different things from asking questions and reading on the net and books. I am not scared to ask people questions. This is how I learn. I know my body well, more then just a sexual way, I know when something hurts what it is. Anyhoos~

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3/31/2006 10:32 am

years spent reading people

Yes Raven, wisdom happens as a result of life experiences and how we learn from them. I think you have hit upon the purest path which is to just be in your body and heart and soul and pay attention! Listening to your heart will guide you and let you know for sure and yes, you can tell whats going on in others cause you have experienced that as well. Our culture is in complete denial of this path and really will not support those intuitive and sensitive souls. And yes, it can be a bit lonely at times cause no one else can see what you see! I quit reading books ten years ago and just started to read people and situations and I have learned the most from that approach.

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