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3/21/2006 10:47 pm

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Golden sun streams through the windows. Afternoon sun, not like the harsh metallic brightness of midday sun, nor like the yellow freshness of the morning sun. No, this is the 3 o'clock sun, like the chalice of Nero, like Fort Knox bullion, like golden retriever, rich and soft and friendly! Its slanted approach lights everything, bathes it in mellow contentment. It says "afternoon nap," "daydream," "wander."

She is all silhouette, perched on her stool, paintbrush in one hand, palette in the other. Her white shirt, all she is wearing, has fallen open, her breasts a shadow, the swale of her chest a valley of sweat-lit shimmering gold!

Languidly she puts down her utensils and picks up an icy glass of cold water, beaded and dripping, and applies it first to her chest and throat, rolling it from side to side. Her head is thrust back, her eyes closed, as if in prayer!
Lastly, on an impulse, she opens her legs slightly and squeezes the glass between her naked thighs. Her relief is tangible!

God, I hate this! This is one of the crappiest pieces of writing I have ever had the mispleasure to read! Thankfully this is my blog and I really needed to get this out of my system! Sorry all you innocent victims!


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