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5/8/2006 6:26 pm

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Ever talk...

Perhaps one of the hardest things to do, I find, is to sit down with a lover and talk about one's sexual organs. Perhaps one of the greatest keys to good sex is to do exactly that! We all moan out during sex that this or that feels good, but a good lengthy discussion about the cock or the pussy is absolutely essential!

As men we tend to jump into the task of eating pussy like a road crew on a jackhammer. You know, if we move it around, pound it, enter it, stroke it, lick it enough then eventually we will hit all the right bells and whistles. Or perhaps we use previous experience to go about our business. But this is often highly unsuccessful. It is like saying I know how to drive a Ferrari because I used to own a sportscar.

Women are the same with the penis. But all cocks are not the same. Some of the things I like would perhaps terrify some of my friends, and vice versa.

No. No. No. It is time we all sat around, with our partners, told them to spread their legs and teach us the ropes. Watch them masterbate! Women, hold you partner's erect cock in your hand and say, "hey, how does this thing work?" Men, come on. We're killing ourselves! We're going to loose the battle one day and the world will be full of lesbians (not such a bad thought) because we just can't learn how to use that pink thing.

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