Dates go i cant win (  

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1/28/2006 2:12 pm

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Dates go i cant win (

Finding dates is hard its always been that way, i give it a go and never really get a good run so i leave it for a while. The girls i seen to get on more with are more friends than anything so effectivly back to square one. Do i want marrage ? currently probabbly not options there but im more after a casual relationship a bit of fun, I miss cuddling in with someone after a date and spending some time kissing and mebee a bit more. Bad thing is not being top shelf and a male dominated web site i may be waiting some time. )) mebee My account is a problem only being a standard member and can only send an occational E-Mail or view. Giving address can be hard as the filters kill them alot there is one way by spacing the letters like
not to good to place your address on as you could be contacted by a nice woman who may actually may want to meet up with the person but how would that person know the rest of the address ? im sure lots of people use their site name as an address it would makes it easyer to keep up to date.

But the endless quest for a fun time will continue and mebee soon i will get happy but for now ill just smile continue and read a good book.

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