Been awhile but...  

ToolsMulesFaker 41M
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5/13/2006 8:47 pm
Been awhile but...

Im Back

Lots has happened since i last Blogged so ill get going.

I left of last durring my visit to the USA Kansas, I think i left part of myself there as i fell for the place and the people, in short ild say it was a huge ego boost for me so much was the same but it was full of small differences. one of them was just how i said simple words hehe.
Ild deffinatle like to return there and hopefull not get a cold half way though.

Traveling home i was kinda lucky as i messed up on when i had to be at the checkin. i got though the passport control as the plane was being borded yep i was stoped by security for a random check..
I arrived at chicago and after getting stopped by security twice i was on my last flight home. Wow i was lucky i had a seat behind a bulkhead so lots of leg room and for 6 hours of the 7 hour flight i had noone sitting beside me so being 6"4 and 300 lbs i had a nice flight.
Back in the UK and a few hours on the train i was home with a broken PC and a new job to start but ill continue later..

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