Naughty meeting with boss..  

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4/21/2005 11:16 am

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Naughty meeting with boss..

This was written with the help of my new friend Simon.. He started it, and I finished it.. hence the he/she's !

You (Simon) are my secretary/personal assistant. You've been with the company for 6 months and your probation is looming. I arrange a meeting with you to discuss it. As you enter the office, I divert the phone and put a do not disturb sign on the door.

I enter your office, I have been looking forward to this, I really enjoy working with you, I enjoy the job and all seems to be going well. Truth be told I have rather a crush on you, I find you incredibly sexy, and find my eyes following you round the room...but I would never do anything to jeopordise my job, so make do with feverish wanks in the loo, thinking about you.
You look great as always, and smell wonderful. You start talking, reading through various papers on the desk. i am stealing glimpses, imagining I can see the outline of a nipple through your shirt, wondering what colour it would be, wondering how it would feel in mouth, wondering if you would moan if I bit it gently.......

I pay a bit more attention to you and hear you say you want to move to a new stage in our relationship, that you want to see more passion from me. I am suprised, I always thought I was keen, showing myself enthusiastic and up for all challenges....I say that, and you stand up, walk to the door, check it's locked. You walk back to me, stand in front of me and say, "No. You misunderstand, Simon. I mean, I want more passion....." You reach out, feel for the zip of my trousers and pull it down. You go back to your desk, move your chair from behind the desk and sit in front of me. "Take it out", you say. "What, here?" I reply, stunned and excited that this could be happening. " Show me your cock.....take it out and make it hard for me" you instruct me.

I reach into my zip, push aside my pants and pull out my half hard cock........I hold it gently, slowly running my hand up and down, feeling it get hard.


I'm sitting on my chair watching you, your cheeks slightly pink now. I'm not sure if thats the excitement or the embarrassment?! You're watching me like a hawk.. I arch my back and push my nipples against my blouse, I'm enjoying this ! "Simon, you do know that meetings between managers and employees are strictly confidential, don't you?"..

"Oh yes" you reply hastily. You seem keen not to jeapordise this situation and I'm pleased. I smile and quickly remove my trousers. I cross my legs to show you the full effect of my stockinged legs and heels. You smile.. You're very hard now and you look delicious..I stand and stroll across the floor to you, removing my blouse as i go. Now i'm wearing just a camisole and french knickers - I can feel the damp patch growing between my legs.

Moving closer to you I remove your hand from your cock and place it behind you, brushing up against you. You're leaning on the desk now and I begin to undo your shirt, pulling it firstly from your waistband. I touch your hairy chest and it feels so snug and warm, my fingers graze your nipples and you catch your breath..As I undo your trousers your cock twitches, desiring my touch but not yet.. not quite yet..

I lean in to kiss your neck and have to pull you towards me so I can reach. Your scent is lovely and musky, really masculine and strong. You move to put your hands on me but I place them back behind you, I want to take my time on this one ...


I stare at you transfixed, you look stunning in your camisole and knickers, I can see your breasts moving freely under the silky material and I could happily look at you all day. I am standing staright now, as you kneel down to remove pull down my trousers and pants, you tell me to take my shoes off and I oblige, you then remove my trousers and pants - I'm naked...I feel very exposed, in your office, you still partially dressed. You remain on your knees, and stare at my cock, i am looking down at you and see your eyes moving around my groin. I can see down the front of your camisole, can see the cleavage and am desparate to see you in your full glory.

You place your hands behind my thighs and move then up and down, very slowly, gently carressing my legs, up to my buttocks, lingering there and making me moan. You start to plant kisses on my legs, rasing yourself up and down on your knees to change your position, kissing me randomly on my thighs, leaving wet trails, getting closer and closer to my rigid cock.

You use your tongue, to gently lick up and down the shaft of my cock, so gently, leaving your wetness all over me. You take you time, your licks turning into gentle kisses, the kisses turning into nuzzling. You take hold of me in one hand, and rub me against your face. I gasp, and you look up into my eyes. We hold each others eyes, and I know things are never going to be the same. Still looking into each others eyes, you rub my cock all over your face, starting to make small moaning noises. I am panting now, I have never experienced such an erotic situation before...You are now concentrating just on your lips, rubbing the head of cock across your luscious lips, wetting them with your tongue.

I reach down to touch your face, and gently run my fiingers around your mouth, touching myself at the same time. My hand carries on down past your neck, and I close my eyes as my hand makes first contact with the warm swell of your breast throught the soft material of your top...............................

You stand, and I place both my hands on your shoulders, as you step closer to me, I feel my cock nudge up against your thigh - you push against me. I pass my hands slowly down your body, lingering briefly on your nipples, and groan as I reach your pussy. I can feel your wetness through the flimsy material of your knickers...................


How can so much desire and passion be interpreted with not a word spoken?", I think to myself briefly as I lean toward you and our lips meet.. a long lingering kiss growing in urgency the longer it lasts. Your hand on my pussy, mine on your cock - both of us wanting to take it further but not wanting to spoil this moment. You slide your fingers into my knickers and feel my wetness, my eyes close and i nibble on your shoulder - struggling to hold myself up. I turn and lean on the desk, spreading my legs slightly to give you more room, all the while moving my hand up and down your aching cock. I'm so wet.. You're so hard..

"Simon.. I need you to sink your rather large cock into me now.. and that's an order" I command, my voice wavering slightly. You smile and lift one of my legs, so one foot is on the desk while the other is still on the floor. I suggest I remove my knickers so we can really feel each other closely, you agree...

You move closer and I can feel the tip of your cock touching me, you're driving me wild and I want you to move faster now but you're playing me at my own game.. teasing me.. I grab your cock and pull you towards me, you use your fingers to pinch at my clit and then ease yourself into me.. I close my eyes and arch my back as you take one of my nipples in your mouth. This is ecstasy...


We move slowly together, enjoying each others bodies for the first time, knowing it won't be the last..We're both so wet now that you're sliding in and out of my hot pussy, faster and faster. Our mouths meet again and our tongues touch, it feels electrifying. My legs start to tremble and you suggest that I turn around so we can do it doggie..I smile widely and kiss the end of your nose before doing as I'm told..

Before you enter me again you pull me close to you, my back to your chest and hug me, cupping my breasts in your hands and nuzzling into my neck. "You don't know how long I've waited for this" you whisper hoarsely, and I turn my head to kiss you. " I want you to fuck me, like you've never fucked before.. and believe me, this won't be the last time!". We both smile, and I turn to place my hands on the desk, steadying myself for a good hard cock.. You slide into me again, slowly and start to tease again.."Simon, you need to do as you're told now..Fuck me good and hard".. I'm almost shouting with desperation to have you inside me.. You take me at my word and suddenly thrust your hips, hard against my buttocks making me cry out. I'm conscious that we're in the office, and as much as the door is locked there are other people on the same floor.

I grit my teeth and push my hips back toward you, like a dog on heat, waiting for the next thrust..You're holding my hips now and are driving into me hard and fast, the feeling is fantastic. I'm almost holding my breath with the mix of euphoria and fear of shouting out..You reach around and play with my clit, taking my hand and allowing me to continue while you concentrate on your stroke.. It feels so good, I can feel myself working up to the inevitable cresendo and I push back even harder.. "I'm going to cum ..oh god.." You begin to tremble as you shoot your load into me, and our bodies shake together, both breathless and flushed.

"Fuck me, well that was the best probationary meeting I've ever had the pleasure of doing" I say cheekily, turning to you and kissing you on the cheek. "Now then, I think you'd better get dressed while we discuss your objectives for the next 6 months, don't you?"!

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