so; live music  

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3/2/2006 7:56 am

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so; live music

I went to a blinding concert last night. there were so many people there I'm not sure how many people the nec holds but it must have been pushing ten thousand well it felt like that. (maybe you were there), I supose the subject of this blog is a question why is it that so many people go to live music gigs and sit there like reses monkeys , even though it was a band or artist that they have decided to see they sit in a seeminly vacant posture with no effort to enjoy themselves.
perhaps it could be said that they apreciate the music in there own way( somthing that everybody is entitled to)( we all like somthing in our own special way) I just dont get why they choose that way.okay if you were watching pavarotti you might not sing allong(not that I have seen the fat man in concert, though I might for the hell of it) because A its in italian usually: and B well I supose you just wouldn't.
Thats all well and good for the big concerts but the small ones are the ones that suffer the most from what I have observed to be this plauge of 'the british pasive audience'. take the other week went to see a band called the tommys in boro , female front woman about 22 singing her fucking heart out and the audience ( short of myself) stood in relative absence they could have been in a pub with the juke box on.
well thats my rant

Luscious_Lust 41F
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3/27/2006 9:25 pm

Hi babe

I have only ever been to one concert; no way did I just sit around.

Have been to several gigs; if the band is good then show your appreciation by jumping around like a loony. If not then just sit it out whilst merrily getting wasted.

I plan to see System Of A Down when I get the chance, could just imagine standing around at that one. The rest of the crowed would just end up moving you.

Lou xx

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