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10/2/2005 3:37 pm

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dream 2 dream cream obscene

Perversity in all of its fashions and forms, full swing on the ethereal connections formed here in the byways and highways of the web, for what it is worth.

Falling out and flipping upwards all kung-fu wires and shit, a spice sweeter than sugar clumps at the bottom of the bag chump change cushions pushin' anagrams on a bloody sunday havin' a hay-day parade in the back seat of a dodge stratus with crushed pot brownies under their sweaty bodies jamming together awkwardly like some child trying to put the square peg in the round hole by banging it repeatedly.

Nice imagery. Ugh. No, no more rum for me, thanks.

Here, a dream I just made up, rife with symbolism.

Disoriented in a room with no gravity. Cranked A/C leaking freon. Globs of the shit floating freestyle everywhere.

The fluid fills the room and soon enough there is an inflatable blow-up doll floating through the stream and out the door, toys of various shapes and sizes wiggling off their shelves and buzzing in erratic patterns as the ship lurches the captain must be drunk and ornery he's flying the ship through another asteroid field you can tell with those emergency signals flashing what are you talking about you can't miss 'em they're arranged neatly all the way down the hall, and as we joke back and forth about the suspicious stains on the walls, the artificial gravity kicks in and all those toys come crashing down, some breaking and some humming into corners and eventually shorting out and puddles suddenly form around our ankles...

Suddenly we are under a great blanket of snow in a vast sport utility vehicle careening through the newly formed tunnels of ice, the trains overhead sparking and clattering. Naked women on every billboard.

Dream a little dream obscene, yes?...

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