Tingles all over or whatever.  

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10/2/2005 1:16 am

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Tingles all over or whatever.

Despite the pleasant newness of something raw and memorable, every day a new stress emerges from the collection of potentiality. Money and such, mostly. I am reflecting on the most insignificant mattters at this time, but paranoia and unintentional cruelty mingle and linger. Smacking the malignant with a wet mackerel. Smiling at the passer-by while flipping the bird. Crashing into moutains and falling into rivers. Exploding and drowning in a most interesting manner. Getting bossed around and tossed upwards, shortly before being caught mid-air by some twisted bird of prey and eviscerated efficiently. Completing the instruction manual in all three languages and then burning the damn thing. Twiddling my thumbs as you widdle (whittle?) that hate stick to beat on the Spaniards with. Ayuh. Never cared much for the mysterious or the mangled. Mingle and make merry, bitches. I am a malcontent that has been sated. Circular tongue-flicks and so forth.

Here, a riddle.

"Of no use to one,

Yet absolute bliss to two.

A small boy gets it for nothing,

A young man has to lie for it,

an old man has to buy it."

What is it?

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