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1/30/2006 3:51 pm

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monday afternoon

This is a first for me

I went by my x wife's house this afternoon to discuss money issues. When I got there she was in the laundry room. I went in to the room with her to take a look at a leak since her boyfriend doesn't know how to use a screwdriver I fixed the leak for her. As I walked by her our eyes met we pulled each other close and started kissing as we kissed I pulled up our shirts and pulled her closer to me so I could fell her nipples getting harder and harder. I reached around and started caressing her ass. Then leaned down breathed deeply in her ear and whispered you know you want it. She moans god yes, no no I have to go get his kids. I gently kissed her on her neck down on to her shoulder as I reached down and un buttoned her jeans. She stuffed my hand into her panties and and moans oh please touch it. As I started to gently fondle her cl it I let a deep slow breath into her ear and said you know you want me. Again she moans god yes oh no as I pulled her even closer to me she grasps my stiff man hood and lets out another moan. I pull down her panties and jeans as we stumbled into the living room. She again complains that we don't have time.I whispered in her ear that I wouldn't be long. I pushed her down onto the couch and through her legs over my shoulders and started to tickle her cl it with the tip of my tongue. As she started moaning I looked at my watch and noticed it had taken less than a minute to get her out of her pants so I gently nibbled on her cl it then sucked on it ever so slightly licked it twice more and she starts convulsing and screaming oh my god. when she was done I stood her in front of me pressed me groin against her bare ass as I caressed her breast with one hand and her cl it with the other. I caught her as her knees gave out then pulled up her pants whispered in her ear that I will always love her. As she turned toward me I pointed out that it took me less than six minutes to give what appeared to be the best o she had had since we separated. As I looked down at her face I she was smiling from ear to ear as tears ran down her face. I gently kissed her on the lips. As I walked out of the house I told her, call me tomorrow but it will take allot longer than six minutes. As I waked away I looked over my shoulder at her and she said I will see you tomorrow.

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