Trying to find a Distraction  

ramays001 35M/39F
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8/8/2006 1:06 pm
Trying to find a Distraction

I figured it was time I started writing in this again. Things have not been so good for me but I know that everyone has tough times and that things will not stay this way forever. I guess the first thing I need to do is blow off some steam so here it goes and I will try not to sound to whiney about it so hang on. Since the wife left things have had ups and downs. I found a great way to work from home but have no funds to get started. I have been fortunte so far as that I still have a roof over my head and electricity. This however is in danger. I have been trying for weeks to raise $1500 but have had no luck. I have tried borrowing it from my family but unfortunetly my family has turned their backs to me and wont help in any form. That of course angers me. But its not new to me. They have always been that way and instead of helping me they have always deciced to tell me what a failure I am and how I am such a screw up. This unfortunetyl is a reason my wife left. They didnt treat her as a member of the family and that wasnt right. Well since they wouldnt help me I tried selling things I could do with out but cant seem to get any one to buy what I am selling. I am running out of ideas on how to raise the money. I need to get it quick and am still praying that there is someone out there that will help. Whew! ok now that I am a little winded, I finally got to talk to my wife about why she left and other than the whole family issue it was because I am not able to be as good of a guy as her best friend but she has put him on a pedistal so high no man could reach it. This not only hurts me but anyone else that comes along. She has finally told me that in October she will have decied what she needs to do, either get back with me or totally leave me in the dust. Either way I am disconnecting my self from most of my family.To be honest with the way she has been acting I dont hold out much hope for getting back together. And that I guess is why I am here. NOw I want to find a distraction and a possible companion. It doesnt have to result in marriage or anything long term, just some one to hang around and be there for me and me for them. When I joined the site I was told this was a great way to meet people but no success yet. ANyway I need to find some one that will help me get through this. Not financially but if you want to give me money then more power to ya! In the mean time I am just looking to meet new people and try to get myself out of this depressing pit. I am hanging in there but not sure how much longer I can hang alone.

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