Change might actually work.  

ramays001 35M/39F
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5/23/2006 1:04 pm
Change might actually work.

Well here it is the second day of thinking diffrently. I understand that the problems I have had with the site are not limited to me. I totally understand that the ratio of men to women here are crazy. Thats totally ok though. I am looking forward to the weekend. While I was going to use the whole weekend to finish my book I think I am going to go out part of the weekend. I have seen people talking about some sort of get together at a place in Lewisville. I am kinda curious as to the details. If some one has them please let me know. I have never attended one so I am wondering what they are all about and then (if I decide to) how do I attend. Oh well even if I dont go I still have lots of things popping up for the weekend. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Any way, I have gone on long enough for today. Please feel free to post comments or chat with me in the chat room or on the instant messanger.

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