A brighter future.....Maybe.  

ramays001 35M/39F
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4/21/2006 6:25 am
A brighter future.....Maybe.

Well today things are doing a lot better. I first want to thank everyone that has been reading this blog and to those who posted comments. IT is true, I wont be getting any as long as the three year old sleeps in the bed. The worst part of it is the rare times that its just me and the wife in the bed, there is still nothing happening. I finally blew a gasket and went off on the wife and kids. So far it looks like they half listened. My day wasnt much better yesterday. I still had to put up with the same crap I usually do. Now so far I havent seen much results with this site. Still hanging in there though. Hopefully I will see some success with it. I am enjoying the quiet this morning and the cool temps out side. Well it seems thats all I have for now. IF anyone wants to chat you know where to find me. Thanks again for those who left comments and read my blog. Feel free to leave comments.

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