Meetings and Expectations  

raj2k2003 47M
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9/7/2006 12:08 pm

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2/3/2009 11:19 am

Meetings and Expectations

I have met a few of the ladies on this site, and the most intriguing thing about it, is that they all have very similar comments to make about the male of the species.

And that is, that most of the guys that mail them, are just looking for a bit of nookie, and that they are failry insistent on it being the primary motive for meeting. Is that all this site is there for?

Whatever happened to the chemistry? The allure? The anticipation?

After all, I do agree we are on an Adult site, but does that imply sex is foremost?

Whats your take on this?

cutebabethabo 37F

9/12/2006 4:58 am

My intake on this is for the invitor to make the invitee very at ease, spoil them rotten and enjoy being with them, not only in sex but get to know what they like and dislike...

RoundHeeledWoman 65F
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12/18/2006 9:51 am

come now guys/girls what is this site for but sex ? Stop kidding yourselves and get honest, YOU became a member on this site knowing full well what it's purpose is

hornyinjhb 46F
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1/18/2007 6:43 am

well, of course we're here for sex, but you also want to be made to feel like the guy sees _you_ as a person too. i don't think that suggests roses and choccies. simple acknowledgement will go a long way, but a sense of humour really ROCKS. and even if the sex doesn't work out, who knows, you might discover the odd friend out of all this.

well, that's been my experience anyhow.

rm_Haremgirl4u 47F
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2/25/2007 5:08 am

this is a sex site after all, not a moonlight and roses venue

want2tryit71 46F

3/7/2007 11:18 pm

Yes, this IS a SEX SITE. Yes, we are all here looking for some 'nookie'... BUTTTTTT, that doesnt mean that we leave our brains, preferences, likes/dislikes, and human-ness at the door. We are more complex than just pussy and dick, and I'm sure you can fuck a total stranger with no connection, chemistry or introduction, but that's not what all of us are after or 'satisfied' with.

As for me, this may not be a moonlight and roses venue, but I do want to have a nice time and not just be fucked. Some of us need more than that.

and NONE of us are right or wrong in our choices, preferences and beliefs.

spicygirl19667 50F

7/4/2007 8:26 am

I agree what want2trit71 said,Everyone on this site here is looking for nookie...(yes sex is great,but there are realy nice guys out there,that can spoil a woman rotten and still have a good time after that.And everybody on this site can make there own choices of what they want out of a relationship.(if it is just going to be a fuck or not)We need to connect with each other and who know's something good can come out off it.

I think everybody on this site should respect one another and the choices they nice to each other.

My hot steamy moments with a good friend.

raj2k2003 47M
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7/6/2007 9:51 am


well said, and i agree with you

yes we are on a sex site, but that does not mean we are all going to shag the first thing that comes along

sensualmale4eva 51M

9/7/2007 7:05 am

a nice mix of both goes a long way

i like to establish a connection
get to know the person
get some sense of familiarity
(and safety)

and if there is an intellectual (or even spiritual) connection

the sexxx is mindblowing

the great thing is that there is no profession of undying love
or any of that long term stuff
and theres no further expectation than the moment
an intimate connection
the now!!

i have met some great people on this site

had some great sex too!!!

why cant you have your cake and eat it too!!!


rm_Sexy81235 37F

10/8/2007 2:05 am

Yes this is a sex site, but it depends on what the connection is with a particular person, it can be sex only that you enjoy with someone or sex and more, we are adults we know this things happen, you can find someone attractive but does not have the humour u want,but turns you on, you can find someone who is the opposite but you still like him

So what i'm saying, if you are here for fuck, get as much as you want

raj2k2003 replies on 10/13/2007 5:26 am:
well said sexy

yes we are here to fuck, each one of us, but some seek more than just the "friends with benefits" relationship, which not all of us are prepared to get into

even as a friend with benefit, i come to expect that not every woman i meet is going to want to fuck, and thats cool with me

if she does, what happens if i do not fancy her?

there has to be some sort of connection, a chemical signal, whatever you wanna call it

v1s1t1ngv0y3ur 46F
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2/11/2008 8:17 am

OK - raj, you may be the deepest thinking guy i met on the site so far... but i've had awesome sex already! for me it's about a discreet outlet for things that don't necessarily happen at home, and i am in some way, finding a lot of people here who really love their partner at home, but they need something else that is obviously not going to happen there.

i think personally, that if i want a friend, i can make one anywhere.

i'm on this site to have anonymous sex. like the 70's gay scene.

to just fuck my brains out - and no, not with anything that moves - but to experience people in a sexual way.

you never have sex with someone and NOT learn something about them.

i have friends with whom i share movies, or theatre, or work - and this is my anonymous sex friend site.

i'm now arranging threesomes and 4-somes.

there are things i want to experience to the full, in an environment that doesn't harm my public career, or my private life.

it's like an alternative reality.

i love it.

raj2k2003 47M
106 posts
2/13/2008 5:57 am

thank you VV

of course... yes we are here for sex, first and foremost...

look, i am not looking to start a serious relationship, send you flowers, etc.

but we have to understand, that not all meetings will lead to secure



madamej72 45F

1/23/2009 11:25 am

hey chilli p...
i was just thinking today, why not a little romance that always helps to get a lady in the mood for that nookie!

madame j

raj2k2003 replies on 1/28/2009 11:54 am:
madame J

i agree completely!!

romance is not JUST roses and champagne!

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