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5/17/2006 7:27 am
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Greetings every1. Name is Brandon Justice and im 27 years old from Wheelersburg, OH. I am a conductor for a major railroad company and enjoy my job very much. The hours are a bit rough, but nothin about the job is physically demanding at all. The money is great, as they pay you for the lifestyle a railroader lives, rather than the lack of work. lol. I enjoy to many things to mention on here, so i won't start. lol. I have never been married, nor do i have children although i love kids very much. Every1 woman i ever dated has had kids and i enjoy them being around and being able to cut loose with them and act like a kid again. lol. I'm very new to this site, so expect more to come in the future. I f you are interested feel free to hit me up. I will also be adding me more recent pics, as i have been growing more attractive over the years. lol. Later! Brandon

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