Own the Zone (Mana Zone that is)!!!!  

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8/9/2005 3:20 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Own the Zone (Mana Zone that is)!!!!

Well it comes to the end of the road for me...education wise. If any of you don't know me (and that's a shame from my side) I've been taking classes in Medical Billing and Medical Coding. The state is paying for it (YAY!). SO when that is done, a new life for me. More money, more fun, more ladies (since you women love money more than a dork loves "Star Trek").

Next week I'm going to a White Stripes Concert. But I've got a little problem. "Girl A" I can't seem to contact because plans have changed due to family dealies, but I manage to finagle my way around it but I got myself stuck with "Girl B" who (right now) hasn't called me back yet to confirm the date but I also need "Girl B" to call me back because she's my...study partner! YIKES!!!

SO for now in this week and next week I have to complete a few things, including taking a drug test WHOOPEE!!!

So it looks like I'm gonna own the zone YEAH!!! If I can get everything to work out that is.


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