Finals, White Stripes, externship, oh my!  

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8/22/2005 3:56 am

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Finals, White Stripes, externship, oh my!

I've been busy for a week. Getting everything done and trying to tune up a deck or two (find out more about this by sticking around). Let's start off with what happened last week.

Monday I took my finals for my Medical Coding class. Even though I got a "B" overall I got an A in the course. So I'm pretty happy with the outcome. "A" in Billing, "A" in Coding. Looks like I could get employed eh? But during all this I was pretty pissed off. I asked "Girl B" (explained in the next paragraph) if she can help me study for the finals since she is going to become an Anesthesiologist. The BITCH STOOD ME UP! BAH! I judge people who they are and what they are, even though since I am a man I do suffer from "Thinking with my dick" at times. "Girl B" happened to be a very beautiful blonde with REALLY big ass titties and I didn't want her for her body I wanted her for her brain. AND SHE STOOD ME UP! FUCKING CUNT!!!! ARGH!!!!

Tuesday. What a way to spend the day graduation by going to a concert to see "The White Stripes" at the Greek Theater. Once again bad news happened. I intially asked a good long friend of mine if she wanted to go, she said no. So I scrounged for a date and I find "Girl A". "Girl A" was okay, kinda cute, good kisser and a great presonality. I tried to be personable with her since we are going out you know. But I soon start to get to know her really well I find out she's a spazz! YIKES!!! So I started looking for another date fast. Enter "Girl B" (see previous paragraph". "Girl B" was more than willing to join me for the concert (so I have her knowledge of Anesthesia and adding to that knowing her COULD mean something good. Yeah I'm in for that) but there was a problem. "Girl A" I couldn't reach anymore. Her cellphone was out or something. So with "Girl B" standing me up I was hoping for "Girl A" could save me. Let's start out with my cellphone had 'No Service'. Teaches me to get a crappy cellphone. So I had to go into the Theater to use the payphone, still nothing. So I know what you were thinking: "Why sell the ticket?" Well the Theater had a policy at the time of not re-entering the grounds once you leave. Meaning I was stuck and since scalping is ILLEGAL! Bottom line is this: TWO GIRLS BOTH STOOD ME UP AND I LOST $45 BONES! FUCK!!!!! Other than that... The concert was great. Man Jack White is a fucking dynamo! He just wouldn't stop on stage. My first concert ever and it was the best! Makes me want to see more.

Then we finish off the week with my externship. An externship is where someone works within a certain amount of! Like an intership for example. I went to work hoping to learn the ropes of Medical Billing & Coding and what do I get for the rest of the week: Stuffing Envelopes! I am not kidding. I Spent 3 days just STUFFING F'N ENVELLOPES!

Maybe later on I'll post some more Big Brother thought but for now last weeks seemed like I had: Finals, The White Stripes, and my externship...OH MY!

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