march 18th  

radelaide1001 35M
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3/13/2006 1:40 am

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3/18/2006 1:37 am

march 18th

looking forward this weekend. sat 18th march shotz 7.30pm. its on like donkey kong!!!!

mark my words. im gonna give a harsh review if its poor.

luciouslady60 57F
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3/17/2006 8:55 pm

yeh well, ra, im only trying to get people moving in the right direction, as there seems to be a lot of people around but no-one really lines anything up, which is where i came into it, there had been quite a few people that i suppose appreciated my pushing for want of a bettere word, and therefore trying to line up a meeting for who knows how many? plus when others had said im just the right person to get people moving, and it was like, hell i must be doing something right, so i keep writing in.
so i dont know if you were personally happy with a meeting on a lot of people or not, its just what everybody else had tried to line up in the past but never saw it through.

so hey, dont think of our social club as anything too much.
ok umm i had been made moderator at the start of this year, which is why i wrote in so much, and thought that i possibly could make this group a social type club/. when i first was on my own, i found it hard, to meet people, and i it was great i thought, to have found a group,finally buti would write in and nothing happened, no big drama you know, so i decided to get more involved more writings, when i wrote in i assumed that there would be lots of meetings lots of good times, how wrong i was, ha.
so maybe you will understand that its just me a typical older female that who runs the group, i dont get paid, im a student/aged care, i do it for the fun of it.

so if you still want to give your view i guess i cant stop you, but understand its only me that will get upset, a little and not or friens finders.
the other thing that AdultFriendFinder. do is make you waituntil theyve reviewed your message basically for a day.
the only thing i can do is if someone is rude crude and pretty rotten really. is i can ban them, plus, im not supposed to let through messages thaqt sound like one is asking for sex, that it.

well i hope you have a better understanding of what i do and what passion does, or AdultFriendFinder does, they get heaps of money anyway, wish i was.
my arm getting sore bye now

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