i hate band aids but isn't that what i want?  

radelaide1001 35M
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3/13/2006 10:01 pm

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3/18/2006 11:49 pm

i hate band aids but isn't that what i want?


ok. i believe this is week two / three for online dating. ive had one friends / meeting requests on here and about four on the other sites. i have more females on my msn than ever. what was a list of about five tight friends now incorperates nine attractive women.

excellent. i havent paid for jack. be damned if i know what im doing but im doing it right. really? wrong?

will i meet all of them? definitely not. was putting them all on msn to get to know one another a bad move?
absofuckinglutely. where were my balls at that point in time?

some of us are never going to meet because we have both built up expectations that are going to fall short. the realities of deception are already kicking in. you start thinking long term which was never the initial intention. fear and reality kick in hard because chatting on msn is not real life.

its not till a few days later that some admit there photo is studio 2000 from 3 years ago. faker.i cant get online without being bombarded with conversation, which can be frustrating becauese there all to scared for a real meeting. they just enjoy the liberation the net provides. say what ever they want without repercussions.


well this monday i grabbed the bull by the horns. two super hot girls messaged me. i put them on msn and told them straight up we are meeting this weekend. i have a friday lunch date and a date later on in the night, followed by that saturday social thing where im meant to be meeting some girl who wont show me her photo. (whats up with that? wheres the honesty.)

my new rules are as follows:

1) if i dont feel like i really want to talk to them or they are all hesitant to meet. i delete them from msn. i'll be polite but i will cut them off.

2) no photo seriously means i dont want to know you. end of story. you send me a shot of your pussy? cheers. now send one of your face?

3) if im going to 'social club meetings', totally initiatiing dual induction massages. if this is some kind of meet the people -sexual - social gathering, where no one holds any allegance to another- i say go for gold.

further rules yet to be defined.


so where am i right now? i'm completely lost. how did i suddenly put myself in such a situation where i care about the people im going to meet? well two of them anyway. stupid move.

neither of these girls are going to let me just keep slutting around as i please. and im going to have to make a desicion on who i like more. which is crap.

the point of online dating was to make 'friend's with benefits' not a long term girlfriend. im not ready for that. i need to make up for lost time before its all over. i dont have the time to dick around with the deeper emotions.

ultimately when you take away the horneyness and excitement of online sex searching you all come back to the same reason. your lonely and you want to meet someone to confort you, and thats it.

you want that moment where you releive yourself of that sexual tension and walk away with that satisfied cheeky grin on your face. you dont want to deal with all the other shit you just want that feeling that someone does give a damn about you, and for me it seems to be the more the better.

i love lamp.

rm_elusive241 33F
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3/14/2006 12:34 am

but for some of us, it's the emotional release we want too, not just the sexual one

thanx for the wink by the way

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