Day three, a little concerned.  

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2/21/2006 5:19 am

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Day three, a little concerned.

AdultFriendFinder. vs [blocked]

in my analysis the turn off of the AdultFriendFinder sites (plural) is there pay system, male to female ratio, and the blatent Cock shots. there unnecessary display shots. a girl can show me her pussy but i wont touch it if i dont like the rest. therefore one imagines vice versa. everyone has just followed suit. with the miniscule amount of women that are actually paying to look at these profiles, i figure a cock shot is going to send the non-paying majority of women running. well thats one of the reasons anyway. id imagine 50 year old dudes sending 19 year olds 'Lets Fuck' online probably does the job (combined with cockshot.)

not to mention AdultFriendFinder's (i like abriev;s) only site connections are to there other paying sites. asking people who want to meet other people for more money is a pretty greedy business move.
hey check this out = other site = no spam
hey check this out = AdultFriendFinder = fake profiles. yeah i sent a message to a woman = i got an advertisement in my hotmail account for it said join her friends network. BAM. SPAM.

this entire site is out of wack. You cant even give contact details in any way unless organising a meeting place unlike on the other site.

in the other site, women contacted me, i repeat women contacted 'me' in the first two days plus numerous 'smileys' {free of charge), numerous reverse charge messages and back stage passes. women were more inclined to show there photos on the other site also, and give a simple description 'slim, average, big...etc', no charge to see profiles. and not everyone was thrown into the 'lets fuck and thats it' catagory. its surprising what a little bit of decorum will do for a females mentality.

and oh god here i go. Ladies. yes there is an abundant amount of idiot dudes on this site (including me) but still. be couragous enough to put your profile up and put yourself out there. if you dont pay and apply for the men you like you are going to keep ending up with the duds.

my point is that the masses of people that have joined this site have probably destroyed a good idea through there own stupidity. no matter what whether its on line or in reality the principals are the same. 'lets fuck' and 'this is my cock' is not going to get you anywhere. decorum. decorum where art thee.

We all came here thinking, my self included, 'no strings attached sex', 'girls want nuthin but dick they dont care who it is' but its obviously not true.

i live in radelaide and in the Adelaide community the ratio of men to women who would be willing to come together and meet everybody at a bar is terrible. i dont think most of the adelaide girls have logged in within the last month judging by the search. dissapointing. im done ranting.

{this person is banned)

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