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8/1/2006 8:31 am

I had a very cute, greek girlfriend, we used to hang out quite a lot at this quite exclusive London Nightclub, she was really hot we used to really love 69, I still do, Girl on top, love licking from there, using my fingers to pry open the pussy and penetrate an arsehole-Lovely.
Anyway back to my story, she was, to all observers quite straight-laced, I knew better! (that's always very erotic, to know that at a respectable dinner or function only a matter of moments before she has swallowed as much of my cum as I can produce).
Anyway,(always difficult to stay concentrated when writing about sex), we were sitting at this club, talking, drinkingm, getting high, she was on my knee, which was dancing to the music, obviously we both got quite horny- she slipped away to the loo, and returned a few minutes later admitting in my ear she had removed her panties, checking with my finger I couldn't believe how wet she was!
We repositioned and she managed to open my fly and she inserted my extremly hard cock right up and into her really hot and dripping pussy..........A few beats later and
we both came almost immediately, it was truly great! I can still feel her pulsating orgasm and my gushing cock.......
A week later a friend who was also at the table asked whether we had been fucking at the table, I grinned !

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